AJ's first solo single in 8 years, "Lifted", was launched to a dancing, cheering crowd during NYC's Gay Pride and in London. A remix competition has been set up on AJ's Soundcloud account at http://www.soundcloud.com/ajevans_Lifted. New videos from AJ on YouTube. See Latest News for info.

The Latest News

Congratulations to all my fellow LGBT warriors.

AJ Evans' first solo record in 8 years, "Lifted" premiered today at NYC Pride. The first play was of the special "Lifted (The Pride Equality Victory Video)" that was put together by AJ to celebrate the premier of his pride oriented dance anthem happening on the heels of the Supreme Court decision for marriage equality, (notice how I did not refer to it as 'gay marriage') at Pieces. The crowd was bumping and jumping and cheering along with the video. Making AJ's dream come true of having released a true dance anthem that the world can enjoy. Kudos to AJ on his successful return as a solo artist.
A DJ in London is premiering the song and video in the U.K. making this the largest and most successful release event in AJ's recording history having premiers on both sides of the Atlantic.

The When the Butterflies Have Flown remix contest was extended until July 1st. The winner will announced next week.

The AJ Evans' "Lifted" remix competition begins tomorrow, 29/6/2015 and runs through 29/7/2015 and with this being the third remix competition that AJ has put together the stem packages are much easier to work with.

AJ is speaking with a gentleman who owns a series of successful labels based out of Chicago about future releases being distributed through them. More on that as he and manager, Peter Tanico, work out the details.

AJ's 2007 iconic, cult hit, "I May be a Stoner (But, I Ain't Fucking Stupid!)" is getting the tune-up AJ has been waiting for as AJ teams up with fellow Exit 39 Productions managed artist, Chris Paul Morales, filling in for Anthony Kremski, who will remain on the record but due to family life has been unavailable to G.o.D. or AJ, rapping the new lyrics AJ has written for the track. So, on August 25th AJ will be releasing "I May be a Stoner (But, I Ain't Fucking Stupid!) [The Special 2 Years Before the 10th Anniversary Edition]" featuring Chris Paul Morales.

As many of you know, AJ recently created the cover art for 'Steve Hopkins Presents: You're the Freak' remix CD ' which was originally from One Life to Live's 2007 episode series "Prom Night: The Musical". Well, he also did a video remix to go along with manager, Peter Tanico's E39 Remix off the CD. The remix video can be viewed on Peter's YouTube channel at:
You're the Freak (The E39 NYC Club Mix).

So, this has been a great month of top notch production coming from AJ's studio and B.C. Productions.
Between May 4th through June 27th, he managed to write, record and release "Lifted" and two very hot videos and has his follow up single, "Save Me', which already has music listeners and re-mixers awaiting its release.

Stay tuned....more to come.

Cheers and thanks again for the continued support and belief.

G.o.D. loves all of you!

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Cheers and thanks again for the continued support and belief.

G.o.D. loves all of you!

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