Check out AJ's 'All the Stars' remix contest! Two new releases from AJ 10/9/2015! 'Save Me' & 'Lifted and Remixed to a Higher Plain' available now on all major digtial music servcies and Amazon CD on Demand service! 'Save Me: The Remix Collection' due for release 12/8/2015. AJ has reached #2 on ReverbNation and still climbing. New single from AJ Evans with epiphany algorithm, 'All the Stars' was released to enthusiastic response. It is AJ's first successful collaboration to reach the market and a remix album set for release 1/1/2016.

The Latest News

Congratulations to all my fellow LGBT warriors.

Hi all!
Well, Belated Happy Holidays and Happy New Year To All.

What a year, huh?
From 'When the Butterflies Have Flown to 'All the Stars' this has been the most prolific and successful year on so many levels both personal and professionally.

Sorry about the extended absence from the emails and there truly is no excuse other to say, as many of us do, I had some demons to face down during the holiday season and took a well deserved break after the hard work while I did so.

But fear not, there is so much to tell...
New Releases!
The last quarter of the year was filled with new releases.
AJ Evans - Lifted and Remixed to a Higher Plain, which was met with a very enthusiastic response following the huge success of 'Lifted" during the summer of 2015. An additional remastered version with new remixes is scheduled for release this year.

AJ Evans - Save Me, the single release which featured the edited single version as well as the original full length DJ Version.
This track sparked the most amazing remix CD.

All the Stars by epiphany algorithm (aka Dave Read am0eba and Scott Kauffman current device) feat AJ Evans, a highly successful collaboration that was a bright contrast to the brooding 'Save Me', released just a week before.


Finally, there's AJ Evans - Save Me: The Remix Collection.
Being called once of the best dance mix packages available, this is the proudest collection yet.

Featuring remixes produced by
Peter Tanico
Scotty Bossman
Jeff Appleton, whom also hosts the RASP Radio Show which featured Jeff Appleton's Ambient Interlude from the Save Me remix album. Follow link for that broadcast.
Norm Vork
DJ Kenneth A
David Vee

I am already back in the studio working on a collaboration tribute to David Bowie. Peter Tanico and I decided instead of me writing a tribute song, of which I have done far too much of in my time, we'd pay homage to him.
Let's face it, if it weren't the comparisons to Bowie throughout the length of my career, I don't think I'd be as popular as I am. So, for my part I am faithfully recreating Bowie's vocal performance on 'Ashes to Ashes' then sending my mixed vocal tracks to Peter who is producing the record.
I just felt it was the proper thing to do and everyone can finally see just how much of an influence he was. I think the finished product is going to really take people by surprise.

I am working on two new originals as well. The High NRG I Didn't Know (That Love Could Be So Cruel)
Together We Are Love
Both of which I am shooting for a Valentine's Day release date.

I am currently working to finish Group of Deviants tracks as well as my life has yet another upheaval which threatens the future of my ability to continue creating music.

Thank you so much! Despite my absence in communicating, my solo artist profile on ReverbNation has been popping in and out of the Top Ten and I consider that a great sign that I am doing the right thing and that my music has some staying power. Thank you all for that.

Cheers and thanks again for the continued support and belief.

G.o.D. loves all of you!

AJ Evans

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