Check out AJ's 'All the Stars' remix contest! Two new releases from AJ 10/9/2015! 'Save Me' & 'Lifted and Remixed to a Higher Plain' available now on all major digtial music servcies and Amazon CD on Demand service! 'Save Me: The Remix Collection' due for release 12/8/2015. AJ has reached #2 on ReverbNation and still climbing. New single from AJ Evans with epiphany algorithm, 'All the Stars' was released to enthusiastic response. It is AJ's first successful collaboration to reach the market and a remix album set for release 1/1/2016.

The Latest News

Congratulations to all my fellow LGBT warriors.

Hi all!

Sorry for the absence, but I have come back with a bunch of good news.

I've released a new track called Save Me which is available on iTunes, Amazon and all other digital music services world wide in both the Single Version and DJ Version.

Also released on the same day is the remix compilation for my smash hit "Lifted" entitled Lifted and Remixed to a Higher Plain. This compilation of ten tracks features remixes by Peter Tanico/Exit 39 Productions, (whom also doubles as my manager), Ed Haskins & Dan Cavanaugh aka TechnoBears, Jeff Appleton, who also hosts a radio show called RASP Radio on, Bartek Lorenz aka Bizzartech, Scotty Bossman and an acapella mix along with original version and a performance version you can sing along with.

The style of remixes covers everything from prime time dancefloor to afterhours underground parties.

Some of you may have noticed a solo remix of Group of Deviants' "When the Butterflies Have Flown" which is my contribution to the forthcoming remix compilation, Group of Deviants ~ When the Butterflies Have Flown: The Remix Album, which is due for release next month.

I have resumed working on completing Group of Deviants' track, "Heavy-Hearted" in hopes of the Halloween release.

I am also at work on a collarboration with ame0ba and current device who as a collaborative unit make up epiphany algorithm on a track called "All The Stars". Their original version can be heard on SoundCloud.

Well, that's about it for now, hope this finds you happy, healthy and ready for Halloween

Cheers and thanks again for the continued support and belief.

G.o.D. loves all of you!

AJ Evans

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